Balance your Workflow


Sometimes it is as easy as ticking boxes and we can help you tick the right ones.

Our Workshop Facilitators and Yoga Teachers have the necessary skills and experience to make ONline work. We are familiar with the different ONline platforms and know what it takes to design ONline classes and workshops in an engaging and interactive way. 

All our formats are offered ONline, the execution is adapted to our customers’ needs. 

In times of digitalisation, moments that are fully OFFline have become rare and valuable. Whenever practical, appropriate and feasible we like to meet with our participants in person. On those occasions we usually avoid technology and create innovative learning spaces in familiar settings. 


While we benefit greatly from the knowledge we have gained from amazing teachers and various yoga styles, the true designers of ON the mat classes are our students. We co-create a welcoming, inspiring, challenging and uniting atmosphere. Our groups are diverse and evolving and every group is taking on a different journey, supporting every person on that journey is not just our job, it is our passion.

Our OFF the mat formats focus on mental health and finding balance at the workplace. What does that mean for us? Value based priorities and goals, conscious and sustainable ressource management, loyalty, enthusiasm and responsibility, ability and willingness to change. 

Frequency, access, duration and content are adapted to our customers’ needs. 

One OFFs are a great way to get the ball rolling. Integrated in a team building or kick off event, we have experience in adapting our philosophy to a broad range of topics, auch as service mentality, Design Thinking and Conflict Management. 

Whether it’s OFF- or ONline our focus is on finding an integrative approach that creates an engaging and motivating atmosphere. 

We strongly believe in healthy routines. Together with our participants we discover the right tools and techniques that  can be integrated in their work situations. Building these routines is a dynamic process and an exciting journey that sets the foundation for their physical and mental health at work.